VBSTshirts is awesome!  My dealings with your company for the last two years has been an absolute "10".  To think I found your company purely by accident when my previous t-shirt person did not come through for our Church.  I did a Google search, up popped your website, and the rest as they say is history.  EVERYONE involved in VBS at our Parish including clergy, staff, parents and the kids have marveled at the beautiful shirts we have had for the last two summers.  I even had parents who weren't involved in VBS want a VBS T-Shirt for themselves because they loved the designs so much.  You give your customers so much personal attention, willingness to work with original shirt ideas, and the most prompt… Read more »

The proper use of Christian T-Shirts

We live in a culture in which slogans and sayings appear all around us. And T-shirts are probably one of the biggest marketing tools ever invented. There's no reason Christians shouldn't be part of this marketing trend with Christian T-Shirts. After all, we're in the marketing business. Christ followers are commanded by Jesus to take the message of the Gospel to the whole world. Call it what you want... witnessing, evangelizing, sharing your testimony. We are Christ's Ambassadors! We have a message the world desperately needs to hear and thanks to a culture in which T-Shirts are everywhere and carry all sorts of messages, we have an opportunity for lifestyle evangelism. The diversity of T-Shirts imprinted with Christian messages is astounding. So is the creativity. Bold colors, trendy… Read more »

Wow! Customer Photo!

Wow!!! I am very happy with the shirts i ordered from yall. I didnt know what to expect but it was exactly what i asked for and we recieved right when yall said we would with no hassle. i am planning to order more from yall and im soo happy i found yall on the website cause i didnt know where to even begin to get shirts made and i am happy i chose the best....YALL. Thanks again yall are awesome:) Read more »

Goodby Boxy T-Shirt

Are you wanting to move away from the boxy 100% cotton T-Shirt that have been around since the 1970's?  Here are a few good choices!  Those boxy shirts are great for summer camp, or VBS because they are durable, and they give you lots of room for variations is size.  But sometimes you may want something with a little more fashion sense.   Here are a few suggestions for you... Next Level makes a great shirt that is available in a wide range of Colors.  Because of the availability and the colors available this shirt is our favorite in this category!  Next Level Apparel offers some great shirts with a great style to them. Their prices are pretty reasonable too!  We love everything they make, however some… Read more »

Thanks Dallas

Thanks for the great photo Dallas! Yes, we love working with ministries, but we also dow printing for other organizations as well!  Think of us next time you need something for work, or your kids school, or even your softball team!   Read more »

Go Tell it on the Mountain VBS

Hi Don, I was extremely pleased and plan to use you for our Youth Group T-Shirts and Church T-Shirts we are currently working on. You answered all my questions and concerns, you communicated effectively, kindly and timely, was able to review art work quickly, competitive rates, great website, organized and received merchandise as promised from the very beginning. The shirts were a hit.  Everyone loved them. We will definitely work with you again. Rhonda & Donna Read more »

Youth Ministry with the shirts at a Raleigh Convention

In about 2 weeks I will be placing another order for the Transformer t-shirts that you produced for me.  They have been really enjoyable and look phenomenal, I have received alot of compliments, and I say thank you  for your time and efforts. Attached is a picture of the Youth Ministry with the shirts at a Raleigh Convention in July. Thanks, Stedman Read more »

Crisis Mode

You guys were WONDERFUL!!!!!  We were suddenly in a huge crisis to get our shirts ordered in time, and the woman on the phone with me took care of everything.  We spent a good amount of time figuring out our order, and I had to make some rash decisions without time to consult my team.  You guys followed up as promised, got our order together without any mistakes, and our shirts arrived on time. Read more »

T-Shirt for Haiti Mission Trip

Don - We just took the T-shirts to Haiti for our 2013 Christian Leadership Youth Camp and they were a real hit! We'll have a fundraising Walk 4 Haiti's Kids in Cincinnati this Friday where walkers will wear the other T-shirt design (blue shirts).   Thank you! It has been a pleasure working with Ministry Gear and we will be back.  All of the employees were responsive and helpful.  The shirts were delivered on time and looked great.  What makes Ministry gear stand apart is the willingness to tweak or make suggestions to the design.  I struggled over the designs for day (weeks) and within a day and having someone to bounce off what we were hoping for, we had a shirt design. Tonya, Surgaland Texas Read more »