Thank You Ministry Gear!

Hi Karen and Dustin, We love our shirts! Our youth have already worn them while doing ministry at the local Salvation Army. Thank you so much for working with us and our time schedule.  May God continue to richly bless you. Read more »

Banners with your T-Shirt Design

Did you know that we make banners too?  The next time your childrens ministry, youth group, mens ministry or womens ministry gets a design made for T-Shirts.  Remember we can easily put together a banner for your event and ship it to you at the same time as your T-Shirts! 2X4 - $89.00 3X5 - $129.00 4 X 7 - $179.00 5 X 8 - $199.00   Read more »

Serving Your Ministry

As a pastor you have lots of hats to wear in order to keep your ministry going. Too often you may find yourself spending way too much time running the "Program" as opposed to getting into the Word and using it to change the lives of the people in your youth group! One area we feel honored to help you is with your Design "Hat." Go ahead - delegate it to us, we won't let you down.  Remember design time is free!  It truly is a blessing to us when we can use our God given talents and in the process free you up to use your God given talents to minister directly to the people who depend on you! That's what the body of Christ is… Read more »

Church Group Fund Raising with T-Shirts

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a youth group of 6 teens on a fund raising project. Their leader was a senior in high school himself!  The youth group of just 6 teens wanted to raise money for "World Impact," and organization that buys kids out of child slavery.  They were going to do whatever it took to raise $1,000 by the end of the year and they were determined.    They wanted to collect cans, sell candy and just plain work hard. I really appreciate that sense of commitment - So I approached them with an idea for selling T-Shirts to see what they could do.  They loved the idea and went crazy selling shirts to everyone in their youth group and friends… Read more »

S.W.A.G. Saved with Amazing Grace T-Shirts

Does anyone know where the Saved With Amazing Grace...  SWAG comes from?  We have had 10 request with T-Shirt designs including SWAG, Saved With Amazing Grace in the last few weeks.  Did I miss something...  where is this coming from? I have been making T-Shirts for ministries for 20 years now and I have never seen something take off like this Share your comments, help us get to the bottom of the SWAG mystery!!! Read more »

Pop Culture & Church T-Shirts

Do our ministies relate to youth where they are at?  Do we even want to go to where they are at?  I'm not talking about geography here.  Where are american teens at?  T-Shirts have become a part of the American culture ever since the end of WWII.  Many Christian organizations have been responsible for some of the ugliest and lame T-Shirts on the planet.  Why don't we get it?  If you want to relate to teens go where they go and learn about what they are interested in.  Apply that you our ministry and we are just a little bit closer.  If you go int o the mall you will see what types of shirts kids are wearing.  Thats your biggest clue to what types… Read more »

Custom VBS T-Shirts Made Easy

2019 Custom VBS T-Shirts: If you're looking for a unique and fun design for your VBS shirts, you've come to the right place... well, kind of. Our sister website is built specifically for Children's Ministry directors and kids' pastors who need the right T-Shirts for their VBS. This year, we've got more designs than ever to help you be the VBS T-Shirt Hero! 100+ Unique, Customizable VBS Designs Made Specifically for Your Church. Our team of expert designers bakes up a huge batch of fresh designs specifically for VBS each year. This year we've gone the distance with all the themes you've heard of, and some you haven't. Browse for customizable templates to complement themes like Shipwrecked, Game On, Time Lab, Amped, Rolling River Rampage & Splash… Read more »

What does a MinistryGear Customer Sound Like?

Ministry Gear Team, I cannot even begin to express how blessed we are to have learned about your company! Your team of design experts have been professional ever since day one, prompt, courteous, and willing to put up with a client (us) that demands a lot – and you’ve done it all free of charge so far! In this day and age, a lot of companies wouldn’t be willing to do that. Believe me, I know. Seriously though, on behalf of everyone here, we just wanted to take the time to say ‘Thank You!’ because your willingness to create designs and do revisions BEFORE an order is even placed is what separates you from all the other vendors out there. As Christians, we are not ruled by… Read more »

Youth Group Shirt Philosopy

If you go to a concert with your kids (for a band they love), odds are they will buy an over-priced t-shirt. It says “something cool happened here and I want to remember it.” Sure, the band makes extra money on the shirt, but they also use them to build loyalty in their fans and to reach out to new ones. When a student wears that t-shirt to school, he or she is making a series of powerful identity statements: “I am proud of where I have been,” “This is what I like,” and “You can ask me about this group.” Why are we not as wise as the world when it comes to building community in a youth group and supporting identity formation with… Read more »

What about QR codes promoting ministry?

What do you think, how can you use this tool?  Share your ideas with us!!!! Printing a QR code will take people to a specific website when scanned.  Here are 3 ideas I had, but I want to hear from you. 1. Take your youth group to page that reviews what they learned at camp? 2. Take them to a website that promotes the upcomming event? 3. An outreach tool that takes people to a video sharing the gospel! Read more »