The Secret to Working for us.

When we hire new people we look for people that share our core values,  because we believe that if we share the same values then we can teach any skills required to do a job well.  Values come first, skills come second.


Our values are more than words, they are principles we live by. Read through our core values to see if these speak to you!


  1. Serve with Joy
    We thrive on guiding everyday heroes like VBS coordinators, teachers and ministry leaders with excellence.
  2. Be Humble and Honest
    Not giving off a self-important attitude, but being honest and willing to share about strengths and weaknesses. Striving to do everything with the highest level of integrity.
  3. See the Big Picture
    Passionate about the “why” of our daily work – This is not just a 9-5 job, this is work we need be excited and proud of. Don’t get lost in the details.
  4. Build & Maintain Trust
    Trusting the team, the Impact Way, ourselves. Helping our customers trust us.
  5. Pursue Growth and Learning
    A drive to expand both personally & professionally allows us to continually serve others better.
  6. Create & Innovate Systems
    Readily creating and embracing innovation, and learning to solve problems.



Check out the positions that we are currently hiring for:

Customer Service Graphic Designer