Mexico Missions T-Shirts

If your church is getting ready to a mission trip to Mexico then this is the place to be looking for t-shirts.  In addition to shirts specifically designed for mexico missions trips we also have 100’s of other designs that can be modified to changed to work exactly the way you would like.  Our professional and friendly team of artist is here to create any design you need for free.

Going on a mission trip to Mexico, building long-lasting relationships, and growing in your understanding of the Lord and what it means to serve others are just some of the benefits of going on short term mission trips. Ministry Gear is looking forward to working with you as your team prepares for this amazing opportunity.


Your Church’s Mexico trip will be remembered with these customized T-shirts from Ministry Gear. We are here to create the perfect shirt design for your entire church group. Offering t-shirts customized to different themes depending on the type of trip your going on, service trip, building and construction, sports camps, etc… you get the idea.  That’s why we enjoy talking to you on the phone so much so that we can hear about the ministry you hope to accomplish while in mexico, so that we can create something that is a perfect match to what you need.  –  in every bright color you can imagine. 


We’re passionate about design and we highly encourage you to share with us your ideas so we can help you bring them to life.   



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