Youth Group Names That Aren’t Lame

It’s not easy choosing the perfect name for your church youth group. You want your youth ministry’s name to declare your faith and the core values of your church. You also want the name to resonate with the kids you’re serving. You want them to feel like they’re spending their spare time in a place where they feel a part of something bigger. And, like it or not, your kids will feel best being part of a group with a cool name.


Most importantly, it’s not about the name of your youth group, it’s about Jesus’ name.


So we looked through the 20+ years of middle school, high school, & college ministry t-shirt orders to see if any names rise to the top. We also tapped our collective 100+ years of ministry experience to identify the cream of the crop. Let’s dig in to MinistryGear’s list of teen ministry names that everybody loves.


Best of the Best Youth Ministry Names


Jesus didn’t come into the world to condemn it, but to be the catalyst for saving each one of us (John 3:17)! In a similar way, your youth group is there as a catalyst to bring kids into a saving relationship with Jesus. This name defines the mission of Christ and your church within a cool word that demands the question, “What does that mean?”

See a ready-made template for Catalyst HERE.


“Light a Fire in Me!,” says the worship song. “Never let the fire in your heart go out,” says Romans12:11. Your students are at the stage in their life where the fire God wants to ignite in them is about to spark or be extinguished. Remind them every time they come in for worship and teaching (and fun and games, of course), that the goal is to be lit up for Jesus!

See a ready-made template for Ignite HERE.


What student doesn’t need to focus? But your youth group name means so much more that being diligent with time. It’s about where they aim their passion. Hebrews 12:2 tells us to fix “our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.” When your youth group is focused on Christ and building his Kingdom, they’re vision will be crystal clear.

See a ready-made template for Focus HERE.


Rise above conflict. Rise above your circumstances. Rise to the occasion. Rise up and fight. Rise up with courage. This youth group name can mean so much whoever hears it. No matter what it means to your youth group to “rise,” you’ll reinforce that the most beautiful meaning is that they can rise from the dead, victorious with Christ to His eternal Kingdom of Grace.

See a ready-made template for Rise HERE.


“Hide it under a bushel? NO!!” They learned those words when they were little, but the sentiment means even more today. When they shine their little lights as tweens, teens, and young adults, they are impacting the world in the way Jesus asked them to in the Sermon on the Mount. This is one of our favorite youth group names of all time for its simplicity, impact, and the action it demands.

See a ready-made template for Shine HERE.


When Jesus called us to be “Salt of the Earth,” he was asking us to be a flavoring agent, a spreading agent, a healing agent, and a preserving agent in the world where we live. As a youth group name, Salt is a powerful reminder of the purpose and potential of the young people you are bringing up in Christ. They will see it as their mission to the world around them! And who doesn’t like a little salt?

See a ready-made template for Salt HERE.


In today’s world of chaos and corruption, kids need a place where they can find shelter. Your youth group can declare to them they they can find that safety in fellowship with one another. And while there, they’ll find true refuge in God’s love. Psalm 46 says, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

See a ready-made template for Refuge HERE.


As your students prepare to move into a life following Jesus, they will soon realize that life is like a journey. Along the journey, they will encounter great sorrow and great joy as God continues to refine and transform them into Jesus’ likeness. As a youth group name, Journey represents where they are at the beginning of their own journeys, acknowledging God and leaning on him to make their paths straight.

See a ready-made template for Journey HERE. 



Fuse can have a couple meanings, both of which make for a killer youth group name. First, it means to combine inextricably together. You’re doing what you can to unite your students as a family of believers who serve one another and their community. Second, it’s the fire that lights an exciting burst. Think of it as the fire that lights a revival. Your youth group is the fuse that becomes the light of the world.

See a ready-made template for Fuse HERE.


Cross Train

It’s not just for building physical strength, Cross Train (as a youth group name) speaks to our need to take up our cross daily and follow Christ. As your students come to youth group, they are in training to bear the cross Jesus gives them. It’s a beautiful picture of what youth ministry is all about.

See a ready-made template for Cross Train HERE.



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