Frequently Asked Questions


What are some tips for saving money on T-Shirts?

There are lots of ways to save big on your T-Shirt order with some secret tricks of the trade. Check out our 6 money saving tips HERE.

Wait. Shipping is free? Really?

Yes! 2 week delivery is Free (except Hawaii, Alaska, or international). Need your shirts sooner? We also offer rush service. Learn more on our Shipping and Delivery Page.

Will my order be delivered on time, guaranteed?

Yes! We guarantee shipments via UPS. In case of acts of God or if the UPS driver arrives to deliver your packages but you’re not there to receive them, we can’t be held responsible.

How long does it take to turnaround my order?

Free 2 week delivery from the day of your approval. Your designer will walk you through the whole process: from choosing a design, to customizing and placing your order. For more details see our Shipping & Delivery page.

Why order T-Shirts from Ministry Gear?

We don’t know of any other t-shirt company who provides friendly designers to work with you to create your design exactly the way you want it for free. Add to that our satisfaction and on-time guarantees. We think we’re the best choice around!

How much do your shirts cost?

You can find clear prices by clicking on a design you like. From there you can customize the shirt color, style, and brand to see how that affects your cost. You’ll be happy to find that we never charge for artwork or set up! And did we mention that 2-week delivery is FREE!

What’s the design process like?

It’s simple. Step 1: You tell us what you want. Step 2: We work with you to create something awesome. Get started with Step 1 by sending your idea HERE.

How many of each size should I order?

There’s an ancient T-Shirt ordering secret that’s been passed down from generations. To help you avoid ordering too few or too many of one size, we reveal this simple process HERE.

What if I need fewer shirts than the 12 minimum?

Screen printing is done in bulk, so we don’t recommend ordering less than 12 shirts at a time. Your $10 shirt produced by itself can easily cost $50 or more.

The most costly part of t-shirt production is in the set up. Each design goes through a complicated process from film, to screen, to print, with each color needing its own film and screen. This is also why each new order is priced separately.

The good news is your cost goes down the more shirts you order!

I want to print over seams or zippers. Can I?

Nope. Printing over seams or zippers always causes the design to come out weird. Our machines need a flat surface to ensure an even and smooth layer of ink. Uneven surfaces cause the ink to build up in some places or not print at all in others. Yuck.

Does the glow ink actually glow?

Yep! Hold your shirt close to a light source then shut off the lights. Your cool design will shine bright in the darkness. Our glow ink glows in the classic greenish color only. There is an extra charge for glow ink because it requires a white base coat to glow brightly.

Does Ministry Gear use a particular t-shirt brand?

We’ll print on any brand you like! Our go-to brands are Gildan and Next Level, but we currently print on about 40 different brands. That said, we’ve got access to just about anything you can imagine.

Can I mix up the shirt colors within one order?

Sure thing! In fact we encourage it! As long as the design remains the same, we can print on different color shirts for no additional charge. If your ideas include changing the ink colors, there’s a $10.00 charge per color change.

I’ve got my own design. Can you print it?

Of course! Upload your artwork HERE to submit your design. Let’s get started!

Can you create a custom design from scratch?

Oh yeah. And we’ll do it free if you’ll be printing your shirts through us. If you just need a design, call us for an artwork-only quote. 888-812-4044

Can I just get the design without ordering any shirts?

You bet! We do custom artwork for churches all the time. Our prices are very reasonable. You can purchase any of our pre-made templates customized for your ministry for just $75.00. Or call us for a quote for a custom design from scratch!  888-812-4044

How will my order be delivered?

UPS is our preferred shipper, however sometimes the United States Postal Service is less expensive or even faster when shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

Can I pay after my shirts are delivered?

We prefer payment anytime within a week of placing your order. One exception is if you are paying with a church check.

We offer a few payment options…

  • Online via Credit Card, Debit Card, or Electronic Check. Click HERE to pay now.
  • Church Checks require you to fill out our simple, 1-page check payment agreement
  • Personal Checks will need to clear the bank before we ship.

Can I order more shirts later?

Yes, but it could be much more expensive.

If we can save you from making this mistake, we’ve done our job.

Some folks order the exact number of T-Shirts they think they need without considering those extra people who show up or sign up at the last minute. It’s then that we get a panicked call saying, “I need 6 more shirts!” This little mistake leads to big costs.

Here’s why:

To set up the press for an average order, it costs us about $100.00 in labor. That’s only about 75¢ per shirt when printing 150 shirts. BUT its over $16.00 per shirt when printing just 6 shirts! So your $6.00 shirt just shot up to $22.00!

So what’s the moral of this story? Order a few extra shirts in case of an emergency.

To help you order the perfect t-shirt amount with all the sizes you’ll need, we created a handy shirt ordering formula HERE.

Can I combine different shirt styles to reach the next price break?

Usually. As long as the design remains the same, you can mix up your shirt styles to reach your desired price break. For example, order 25 Sweatshirts, 12 Long-Sleeves, and 13 Short-Sleeves to reach the 50 piece price level.

Can I return the shirts I don’t use?

No. We’re sorry. Each shirt is printed just for you. We can’t accept returns on printed apparel.

Can I get a sample shirt for sizing?

Yessiree! We’ll help you choose the best sizing and colors to suit your needs.

Call 888.812.4044 to request your samples. We’ll get it right out to you. Some charges may apply.

Can I get a sample shirt made first, before I place my full order?

No. Because of the required time and cost associated with setup, sample printing is cost prohibitive.

The good news is we’re happy to provide digital mockups to show you exactly how your design will look on the shirt style you choose. If you’d like to get some blank sample t-shirts to test the fit and feel, just give us a call and we’ll get those to you right away (some charges may apply). 888-812-4044