When you visit Hawaii, they drape you in leis. When you go a baseball game they give you a bobblehead or seat cushion. Even when you go to WalMart, there’s a greeter there to say, “Hi!” Your church greeter shirts play an important role in welcoming visitors.


The role of church greeter is far more crucial than most people think. Without those warm and friendly faces extending the “hand of fellowship” to visitors young and old, the experience of visiting a church (for the first time or the thousandth) can be cold, friendless, and even repelling.


You and your MinistryGear designer will work together to create the perfect church greeter shirts to help your most vital volunteers make a connection with everyone who walks through your church door.


Browse these fresh designs or suggest your own ideas.

From the hilarious to the tragic, there are plenty of horror stories of church greeter interactions that have gone way wrong. Some shake hands right after the restroom. Others shake then immediately grab the hand sanitizer as if the visitor tried to give them cooties.


Your goal with your hospitality team is to make everyone feel welcome, informed, and right at home. You’ve held training sessions, given guided tours, and chose the most appropriate members for the task. This investment will pay off as each greeter provides the best “first impression” possible. Work with your MinistryGear designer to make church greeter shirts that stand out from the crowd and draw others in.

Ministry Is Our Heart

Your hospitality volunteers are working hard to serve your visitors and members as unto the Lord. We hope to provide the very best custom-designed church greeter shirts without hassle. That’s our ministry to you and your church. We’ve made our process a snap, so you can keep on serving! If you catch video or photos of your team serving in the shirts, send them our way. We want to celebrate with you what God has done!

The Guarantee

Ordering t-shirts might be a new experience for you. Or maybe you’ve had a less-than stellar experience in the past. We’ve worked hard to create an easy process for you. We’re confident we’ll deliver the highest quality screen printed t-shirts you’ve ever had! And our custom shirts come with this guarantee. We’re sure we’ll deliver. If your church greeter shirts aren’t just right or arrive late, we WILL make it right!

Free Shipping

Did we say free? You’ve got that right. Your custom church greeter shirts will arrive within 14 days via MinistryGear’s FREE “Ground Service.” Need it sooner? “Rush Service” delivers within 8 days. Still not quick enough? “Miracle Delivery” delivers in 3-6 days! Order times reflect orders shipped within the 48 contiguous United States. Call us for details at 1-888-812-4044, or visit our shipping & delivery page.

Free Design

If you think you’re not creative, think again. You have a MinistryGear designer at your service to create an awesome design – for free! Free custom design comes with the deal. Bring your best ideas, your designer will help bring it to life. Together you can create, modify, or customize any design you can think of. Add your own logos and color combos. Soon you’ll have a beautiful work of art that everybody will love!

Top 5 (plus one) Church Greeter Must-Haves

What makes a great church greeter? Clean hands and fresh breath is a good start. But church hospitality is so much more than hygiene. Here are the Top 5 (plus one) must-haves for your church greeter team.


  1. Patience – People are tough to deal with. Each individual you greet could become an EGR (Extra Grace Required) at the drop of a hat. Make sure your greeters are patient and kind – and ready to deal well with difficult situations.
  2. Direction – How could you not know where the restrooms are? Your greeters need to know the campus like their own homes. Make a campus tour part of your greeter training to be sure they always know how to direct your visitors to where they need to go.
  3. Focus – Greeting visitors is the job at hand. Your greeters’ focus should be zeroed in on those they are there to serve, not on other important things like baseball scores, folding bulletins, or worse, gossip.
  4. Hygiene – Yes. Clean hands and fresh breath are vitally important for your hospitality team. There’s little worse than a sweaty handshake and a halitosis welcome. Make sure your greeters smell great! Quick Caution: Overly perfumed greeters can be just as offensive as the stinkers. In everything moderation, right?
  5. Joy – A smile is the first thing a stranger recognizes as friendship. Your greeters should be so full of joy and happiness that it spills over onto everyone they meet. Proverbs 15:30 says, “A cheerful look brings joy to the heart.” Do your part to spread the joy!


There’s one more greeter must-have that should be obvious for all Christians, not just greeters. Still it’s a good reminder to make sure it’s just as much a part of your ministry tool box as the the smile on your face…


Plus One: Love – In Colossians 3, Paul reminds us to “wear” a list of virtues as part of our service to the Lord. Then in verse 14 he makes clear the most important part of the spiritual wardrobe, “And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.” Your greeters should be ready to meet and welcome everyone who comes through the door of your church with Christ-saturated and world-shaking love.

Ministry First. Shirts Second.

Shirts are our business, but serving ministry is our passion. Like you and your hospitality team, we’re a group of artists who are passionate about Jesus. We use our God-given talents to serve churches, pastors, and ministries. We’re honored to partner with you as we work unto the Lord. You’ve got better things to do than hassle with shipments and printing mistakes. Dealing with these details is our ministry to you. You’ll get the best looking shirts, at a great price, and right on time. Thank you for allowing MinistryGear to serve you with your church greeter shirts.

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