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Declare your Faith

To go down into the water, as though dead and buried, and to rise again from the depths to new life declares the transformation story of the Gospel. There’s no better reason to celebrate as a congregation! As your church body stands together with the newly baptized, commemorate the moment with baptism t-shirts that declare new life and hope to everyone they meet.


Is there anything more beautiful than the baptism of a believer? To witness their full surrender to God’s will in their life is to see the beginning of ongoing sanctification. And think of the effect baptism has on those viewing it. They see a person who has made a decision to die to themselves and to live for Christ.


Check out this clip of a U.S. Soldier getting baptized in the Euphrates River in Iraq. It’s in moments like these that we’re able to see for ourselves the remarkable grace and mercy God gives, even in the most difficult circumstances.


Why did you get baptized? That’s a great question to ask yourself when encouraging others to do the same. Often our own experience of baptism is different than what we come to believe about it as we mature. At the time, we may have sensed God’s call, felt a deep need to repent, or were simply moved by the emotion of the moment to obey and follow what we were hearing. It’s not until later that we truly understand the meaning and theological importance of that action. In fact, after years of learning and maturing, we may even forget how we felt or thought at the time.


So as we counsel others toward baptism it can be good to think again about where we were at the time of our baptism, the impact of that action, and the reasons why we stepped into the water.


On the blog “Lies Young Women Believe,” author Erin Davis confronted the impulse to skip over baptism or presume it’s not relevant with her list of “4 Good Reasons To Be Baptized.” If someone in your church is hesitant or being told something different, these are some pretty good reasons to take the plunge:


1 – You should be baptized as a symbol of God’s grace (Acts 2:38)

2 – You should be baptized because it shows your loyalty to Christ 

3 – You should be baptized because Jesus commanded it (Matthew 28:19-20)

4 – You should be baptized because Jesus did it (Matthew 3:16-17)


Read Erin Davis’s full post on her blog HERE.


We love celebrating baptism with your church. If you think of it, please forward photos of your baptism service to us so we can post and share what God is doing through churches around the world. 

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