New Baptism Shirt Design Category

New Baptism Shirt Design Category:  We are launching a new category for Baptism designs this year - we have had a few people ask us to create designs for them so we decided to run with it.  I hope to be adding more designs as the year goes by.  Often times we use your requests as starting points for new designs so if you don't see a baptism design that you like just let us know and one of our designers will get to work creating something new for you that other churches can benefit from as well!  See all the designs here.   Read more »

Mission Trip Ideas

This blog is designed to help team leaders find great mission trip ideas. A simple thing like a t-shirt can be used to raise money, improve awareness, and increase excitement. New Mission Trip T-Shirts: These are 4 of our brand new Mission Trip Tee Designs. These are great for your mission team but they are good for fundraisers too because they are so darn nice! Take a look at some of our mission trip t-shirts. Fundraisers for mission trips:  We have a very exciting fundraising program.  People from your church and community can order your mission trip shirts online, and once the fundraiser is over a check for your profit is mailed directly to your church so you can put those funds to work there they are needed most.  Call… Read more »

Timothy 4 12 Poster

Timothy 4 12 Poster....  Is 1 Timothy 4:12 your Favorite Bible verse?  "Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."  If so you might be a youth pastor or childrens ministry worker.  From time to time we like to create posters just for fun.  This poster is of 1 Timothy 4:12, Since people request this verse on t-shirts more than any other.  Feel free to use this however you like.  If you can get use out of this I can make more!  Or let me know if you would like a higher resolution image to use and I will be happy send that on over to you!  Enjoy,… Read more »

Glitter Printing on your next Custom T-Shirt

Glitter Printing on your next Custom T-Shirt is a great way to spice up a design, especially for women's ministries, women's groups or girls bible studies.   The process is basically the same as if we were printing your shirts with standard inks, except with the glitter ink there are tiny flakes of sparkly goodness suspended in clear gel ink so the final results are fantastic.  Here is a photo I snapped of a recent order we did for high school cheer squad.  This is a two color design with white and Glitter Gold ink.  If you look closely you can see the white comes through parts of the clear gel showing the white ink below.  When this gets in the sunlight it really sparkles!  It's such a great… Read more »

CRU Campus Crusade for Christ T-Shirts

We love making CRU T-Shirts.  Creating great designs for great organizations here at Ministry Gear is our passion and Campus Crusade for Christ is one of the best!   Cru is all about sharing the gospel and encouraging one another in righteousness.  If you are looking for a design for your summer project or your leadership team our team is here to create something totally custom for you.   Here are some CRU designs we have done in the past for other groups.  If your looking for something creative for Cru or just for your youth group just let us know and we can get creative for you.  - ideas are always free here at MinistryGear We Love CRU and we love designing for Ministries. Get a free design created… Read more »

Youth Group Shirt Design Inspiration

Youth Group Shirt Design Inspiration: Design inspiration comes from every direction.  This is how we created this New Youth Group Shirt Design.  Origianally a design we created for Grace Brethren, a local Christian High School last week.  We liked the final product so much we thought we could take the same concept and make a new template for Ministry Gear, and make a fantastic Youth Group or camp design This is an extreme closeup of the Grace Brethren print.  They wanted it to look like a surf brand and use their school colors of Red, Black, White - and Gray in this case.   This is the same shirt, just a bit further away so you can see the entire design.     Here is how the New Youth Group Shirt Design came out!… Read more »

New Heart Worship T-shirt Designs

Here are two new youth group design that we created this week. Designs 554 & 189   I love the image of the heart, it could work for so many different situations.  Here are some ideas listed below! It currently says Heart of worship - These New Heart Worship T-shirt Designs can be adapted to work with your theme.  The heart is so common throughout the word of God - this shirt design could be adapted for so many situations that would make great camp or conference themes - Here are some ideas: Wholehearted, You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. New Heart I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; A discipleship… Read more »

Youth Group Design Ideas

Designing and printing custom church t-shirts for youth groups, churches, ministries, camps, mission teams, conference planners, camps, bands and other faith-based organizations.  With hundreds of themed t-shirt templates designed just for churches we are here to make your life easier.  So you can get back to doing ministry! So, what makes getting Church T-Shirts from MinisryGear the right choice? 1. We get it.  We are believers, we have all worked in ministry or are currently working in ministry at our own churches so we know where you're coming from. 2.You get professional design for free!  Use our team of designers to create your church t-shirts.   Using customizable themed template designs that you know everyone in your church group will love to wear, or simply ask us to create something new just… Read more »

Church Fundraising with Custom T-Shirts

Church Fundraising with Custom Mission Trip T-Shirts A new program to help you raise money for people from Haiti to China to right here at home!  Coming January 2015! We will be rolling out our fundraising program before the end of the year and I'm very excited about it.  It has been nearly a year in the making. Here is an example of how it's going to work. We'll get your shirt designed, we can do that for you if you like. Decide how many shirts you want to sell and for what price.  Sell 100 shirts at $20.00, if they cost you $10.00 you just raised $1,000!  The best part is there is absolutely no risk to you!!!! Start your campaign, promote your design to your group or church and… Read more »

Not your Fathers Christian T-shirts

The apparel we create here at Ministry Gear is not your Fathers Christian T-Shirt.  Apparel design has changed quite a bit over the last 25 years...  From my own recollections when I remember the bright shirts I would get at camp and or my youth group, with the big thick printing.  I loved it!   That's why I love the fact that I get to create shirts today for a living!!! But today with computers, and high quality apparel and printing processes we can create some amazing products!  We research other brands and do our own research to see where styles are headed so that we can bring you the most cutting edge designs that the people in your church will love! Christian T-Shirts designs have come a long way.… Read more »