Mission Trip Ideas

This blog is designed to help team leaders find great mission trip ideas. A simple thing like a t-shirt can be used to raise money, improve awareness, and increase excitement.

New Mission Trip T-Shirts: These are 4 of our brand new Mission Trip Tee Designs. These are great for your mission team but they are good for fundraisers too because they are so darn nice! Take a look at some of our mission trip t-shirts.

  • Fundraisers for mission trips:  We have a very exciting fundraising program.  People from your church and community can order your mission trip shirts online, and once the fundraiser is over a check for your profit is mailed directly to your church so you can put those funds to work there they are needed most.  Call us today and we can let you know how it works.

  • Free Design:  The Ministry Gear team of professional artists will design your mission trip shirt for free.  See all sorts of Mission trip Designs here.  All totally customizable by your friendly Ministry Gear Artist.

  • Bonus Idea:  A great idea is to print the shirts sold for fundraising on one color, and the shirts for the people going on the mission trip on a different color.  That makes the people on the team feel just a little special – everyone loves to feel special!