The colors you see, may not be accurate.

The Dress

The dress that launched a thousand views and created the rising social debate about its real color has not escaped our attention. And like everyone; we looked, we judged, and we chuckled to ourselves…  Some of us see white and gold and others see blue and black.  This is so interesting to us at Ministry Gear because all day long we are presenting colors to you, and we do everything we can to make sure you see the same color that we do.  As this dress demonstrates that is not as simple as it sounds.

The Truth

The truth of the matter is, seeing isn’t always believing when it comes to colors, and why we see what we want to see. Just like the colors in that dress give off two different appearances – and caused a social media frenzy. Designers and Photographers always say, “It is all about the lighting.”

We have all seen the pictures and know that the actual dress is royal blue and black.  So we know this is a bad picture if the photographer was trying to present this dress accurately as possible, because no matter who you ask, it does not present the actual dress accurately as royal blue and black.  Designers and Photographers always say, “It is all about the lighting.”    Our eyes make the adjustments for us based on the information available.  What is reflecting back to our eyes around the outside of the pictures greatly effects they way our brain interprets the colors we see.

We all make interpretations of pixels based on some assumptions.  The actual colors in this image are Web Color

Web Color 979fc0 Web Color 695b52

Although these are the actual colors that the photo contains (or variations, since there are thousands or shades) our brain intreprets these shades within the context of the photo, texture and tells us what color it is.




The center picture below is the original, the exposure getting brighter or darker on each side greatly effects the colors.


At any rate, I’m sure this will end up being one of the all time best illustrations for Youth Pastors around the world.