Pop Culture & Church T-Shirts

Do our ministies relate to youth where they are at?  Do we even want to go to where they are at?  I’m not talking about geography here.  Where are american teens at?  T-Shirts have become a part of the American culture ever since the end of WWII.  Many Christian organizations have been responsible for some of the ugliest and lame T-Shirts on the planet.  Why don’t we get it?  If you want to relate to teens go where they go and learn about what they are interested in.  Apply that you our ministry and we are just a little bit closer.  If you go int o the mall you will see what types of shirts kids are wearing.  Thats your biggest clue to what types of shirts your Youth Group should be ordering. 

My family knows when I disappear at the mall they know they can find me at a nearby surf shop, tilly’s, pac sun, or  any trendy shop that sells T-Shirts just to see the latest t-shirt designs….  I’m kinda nutty that way : )