Not your Fathers Christian T-shirts

The apparel we create here at Ministry Gear is not your Fathers Christian T-Shirt.  Apparel design has changed quite a bit over the last 25 years…  From my own recollections when I remember the bright shirts I would get at camp and or my youth group, with the big thick printing.  I loved it!   That’s why I love the fact that I get to create shirts today for a living!!!

But today with computers, and high quality apparel and printing processes we can create some amazing products!  We research other brands and do our own research to see where styles are headed so that we can bring you the most cutting edge designs that the people in your church will love!

Christian T-Shirts designs have come a long way. They are designed by top artists whose art work is edgy, not cheesy. Urban style and thoughtful messages have taken over Christian apparel, which is good news, especially for the younger generation.