Church Fundraising with Custom T-Shirts

Church Fundraising with Custom Mission Trip T-Shirts

A new program to help you raise money for people from Haiti to China to right here at home!  Coming January 2015!

We will be rolling out our fundraising program before the end of the year and I’m very excited about it.  It has been nearly a year in the making.

Here is an example of how it’s going to work.

  1. We’ll get your shirt designed, we can do that for you if you like.
  2. Decide how many shirts you want to sell and for what price.  Sell 100 shirts at $20.00, if they cost you $10.00 you just raised $1,000!  The best part is there is absolutely no risk to you!!!!
  3. Start your campaign, promote your design to your group or church and once you meet your minimum the order goes to print!
  4. We print and ship all your shirts out and you don’t need to do a thing!

Think about it!  What if you could sell 500 shirts, or 1000 shirts, How much money can you raise for your cause.


The inspiration for this came from a girl named Sydney Drain, of Spring Texas, a senior at Klein Collins High School, she created and sold T-shirts to raise $30,000 to drill 30 clean-water wells in Sudan. Sydney sold her shirts in six weeks through her church and several schools, and sent the proceeds to “Water is Basic,” an organization that develops water resources for Sudanese villages.

Take a look at some of our mission trip t-shirts.

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