Youth Group Shirt Design Inspiration

Youth Group Shirt Design Inspiration: Design inspiration comes from every direction.  This is how we created this New Youth Group Shirt Design.  Origianally a design we created for Grace Brethren, a local Christian High School last week.  We liked the final product so much we thought we could take the same concept and make a new template for Ministry Gear, and make a fantastic Youth Group or camp design

This is an extreme closeup of the Grace Brethren print.  They wanted it to look like a surf brand and use their school colors of Red, Black, White – and Gray in this case.


This is the same shirt, just a bit further away so you can see the entire design.



Here is how the New Youth Group Shirt Design came out!  We can customize it for your youth group or maybe you have a design you really like in mind already and just need someone to create it for you.  That’s what we’re here for.  We’re ready to create almost anything you can image for your next church event!