Using Christian T-shirts To Reach The Culture

Mike Fletcher We live in a culture in which slogans and sayings appear all around us. And T-shirts are probably one of the biggest marketing tools ever invented. There's no reason Christians shouldn't be part of this marketing trend with Christian T-Shirts. After all, we're in the marketing business. Christ followers are commanded by Jesus to take the message of the Gospel to the whole world. Call it what you want... witnessing, evangelizing, sharing your testimony. It's all marketing. We have a message the world desperately needs to hear and thanks to a culture in which T-Shirts are everywhere and carry all sorts of messages, we have an opportunity for lifestyle evangelism. The diversity of T-Shirts imprinted with Christian messages is astounding. So is the creativity. Bold colors, trendy… Read more »

25 Volunteer Gift Ideas

A little cheesy, a little fun...  Enjoy! 1.        A watch- thanks for investing your time in Children’s Ministry 2.        A Mug-   May your cup overflow with Blessings 3.        A candle- thanks for sharing the Light of the World 4.        A Pack of Seeds- thanks for Sowing for Souls! 5.        An Orange- “Orange” you glad you shared Jesus today! 6.        Mints- You’re worth a Mint to Jesus and More! 7.        Life Savers- Children’s Ministry Worker’s are a Life Saver 8.        A flashlight- thanks for sharing the Light of the World 9.        a keychain- Thanks for being a key player on our team 10.        Sun glasses- thanks for letting your light shine! 11.        Bottle of water- thanks for sharing the Living Water with our kids 12.        nuts- Jesus is nuts about you, and so am I 13.        Bits and Bites-… Read more »

Thanks for the T-Shirt Review Ron!

Received the shirts today.  They are awesome and it is so good to work with people who care and get things done.  Please tell all who helped how much we appreciated the quick response to our request.Thanks and God Bless,Ron Read more »

Adding New Design Ideas Daily

The largest selection of Ministry Related T-Shirt Templates at your fingertips, that is what we are working on here at  We wil be adding new designs daily in order to reach 1000 by the end of this year.  Would you like to be included on an e-mail with the new designs sent to them before they are posted on the site? Contact Us and we will add your name to the list, Just Mention New Design E-Mail and we will do the rest. Our team of 3 designers is planning on working extra hard this off season (December to February) to bring more resources to your fingertips!!! We will be adding things new categories by style too, like paint, scribble, hand lettered.  Do you have any suggestions… Read more »

History of the T-Shirt

Who started wearing t-shirts and how did they become so cool? It all started in the early 1900s durring WWI. U.S. soldiers realized the Europeans had comfortable looking cotton shirts on and they figured those must be much better than the wool uniforms they were wearing. Next thing you know cotton shirts shaped like the letter T emerged into the battlefield.    Another claim is that t-shirts were first worn by U.S. Navy sailors out on sea. It's no surprise that there are various claims of the t-shirt's origin. Either way, t-shirts were originally just worn as undershirts and weren't considered fashionable at all. They were even specially produced for a college football team to be used as sweat absorbers.    Most would agree that the shirts… Read more »

Finding Affordable Christian T-Shirts

  n my opinion, Christian T-Shirts should be as inexpensive as possible, in order to appeal to the greatest number of people, and make the biggest impact. Plenty of people could spread the Word through fashion, if only the clothes were affordable enough for everyone. I myself work hard for my money and live on a strict budget, so my appreciation for affordable Christian Gear is deep. If you love Christian T-Shirts but don't have a luxurious lifestyle, don't worry. Now there is Ministrygear, that offers the best in modern, hip Christian apparel at cheap prices. You'll never look like you got your clothes at a discount when you go with the best vendor for Christian Ministry T-Shirts. Here's my favorite question for which I still have no… Read more »

Church T-Shirts For a New Generation

Church T-Shirts have changed quite a bit over the last 25 years...  From my own recollections when I remember overly cute, appliqued sweatshirts or lightweight iron-on T shirts with generally cheesy designs. These are the Church T-Shirts I grew up with, and as a kid, I loved them. As an adult, I can't believe we wore that stuff.  Maybe that's the way we'll always look back on yesterday's fashions, or maybe its because I design Church T-Shirts.  Either way, Church T-Shirts have come a long way. They are designed by top artists whose art work is edgy, not cheesy. Urban style and thoughtful messages have taken over Christian apparel, which is good news, especially for the younger generation. Read more »

Top 6 Ways to save money on T-Shirts

Here are a few basic ideas that you can use to save your church money on T-Shirts. This top 6 list can be put into practice no matter who prints your shirts... But we hope you choose #6. To Save Money on T-Shirts… Let Shirt Color be your Extra Color Use the shirt color in the design as one of the ink colors.  For example, if you are using green shirts with a tree, use black ink for the outline of the tree, but use the green fabric of the shirt as the leaves rather than printing another green color. #5. To Save Money on T-Shirts… Order With the Price Breaks Make sure you order according to the price breaks. (or ask for special pricing if you fall between two… Read more »

Youth Group T-Shirts!

Youth Group T-shirts is ready to go.  We've undergone some major changes over the last 6 months and it's finally time to make our big reveal! Our team has been hard at work re-imagining our brand and web experience to make Youth Group T-Shirts more awesome than ever before! After joining forces with and, we've had the opportunity to expand our resources and rebuild our business from the ground up. Here's what that means for you: Greater service Lower prices Faster turnarounds More awesome designs A solid future So go ahead and browse through some of our new design templates and be sure to drop us a line if there is any way we can serve you or your ministry. You can use our contact form, or give us a… Read more »

Attention Youth Ministry Bloggers!

Youth Ministry Bloggers: We're looking for some talented ministry-minded youth ministry workers and volunteers who happen to be bloggers as well! Do you know any? Are you one yourself? A great deal of changes are happening behind the scenes with some exciting initiatives that will benefit churches and groups all over the country. We're seeking bloggers who understand the digital world of social media/blogging and have a heart for ministry. We'll be looking to partner with these ministry bloggers in a way that will benefit everyone. If you or someone you know is a youth ministry blogger, please fill out the contact form below so we can connect with you! We'll tell you what we've got planned and how you can partner with us… Read more »