5 Ways to get Cheap Church T-Shirts at MinistryGear

Yes, we make cheap Church T-Shirts!!! There, I said it.

We’ll, not cheap T-Shirts, I prefer to call them High Quality T-Shirts for an extremely good value but that just sounds like I’m showing off!  So lets call it a cheap T-Shirt, so we all know what we are talking about here.

We can provide many suggestions on how to save money when ordering your “Cheap Church T-Shirts”…  There are a few things that effect the price so you can pick and choose to find the price that it right for you.

1.) Get Bulk Discounts when you order More shirts.  This usually isn’t real helpful, Since… if you need 36 shirts its because you only need 36 shirts, ordering 75 is not going to make much sense even if it will be cheaper by $1.00 per shirt since you are going to be stuck with 36 of them!

2.) Order white T-Shirts instead of a color.  This is a good one!  By ordering a white T-Shirt you can save yourself $1.00 per person as opposed to ordering the same exact Black T-shirt!

3.) Only print one side.  This is obvious, right, Printing on the front and the back of T-Shirts is more expensive than just printing on the front only or the back only.  This can make your T-Shirts cheaper by a dollar or two depending on the specifics of your order.

4.) Use fewer ink colors.  Each color that is printed on your shirts requires its own screen and each screen means more labor and hence…  More money.  Go Cheap, Our designers can help you eliminate colors by getting a 6 color design down to 3 or even a 3 color design down to 1.  Save some big bucks here!

Remember you still get our free Shipping, and our free design with every order, that is what I call a Cheap T-Shirt!

That’s a great looking Cheap T-Shirt.