Haiti Relief Fundraising with T-Shirts

Haiti Disaster Relief:

A way everyone can help, One T-Shirt at a time!  This same model works great for just about any fundraising effort!

You Get T-shirts from us for $3.95 or less depending on how many you order + we pay the shipping and include the name of your church or organization on the shirt! 100% of our net proceeds will go to Haiti Relief!

Your group sells each for a $15 donation creating $11.00 in proceeds!!!!

For Example: 100 shirts will generate $1,500.  $395 covers the cost of the shirts and your left with $1,100 that can then be donated to a charity of your choice, like Children’s Hunder Fund or Children’s Hunger Fund that works to send food and supplies to those who need it in Haiti.  

SuperCharge it!

Find a local business that would make a donation/sponsorship for the cost of the T-shirt in exchange for having their logo printed on the shirt.  Then every penny collected could go directly to the people in Haiti. Consider asking for a $20.00 donation per shirt and you have now created $2,000 in proceeds with the same 100 shirts!

If your group could sell 200, 500, 1,000, or even 1,500 shirts think of the impact that can make on the needy people of Haiti!


The inspiration for this came from a girl named Sydney Drain, of Spring Texas, a senior at Klein Collins High School, she created and sold T-shirts to raise $30,000 to drill 30 clean-water wells in Sudan. Sydney sold her shirts in six weeks through her church and several schools, and sent the proceeds to “Water is Basic,” an organization that develops water resources for Sudanese villages.

Contact us, 888.812-4044 to find out more!

Printed on a White or Heather Gray Gildan T-Shirt.


Youth Small 6-8
Youth Medium 10-12
Youth Large 14-16
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