How To Pray For Winter Camp

As you prepare everything needed to take your Youth Group to higher ground for Winter Camp this year, there’s one detail you don’t want to leave out. Prayer. There’s nothing more important (and easier to over look), than spending time with the Lord in prayer. But when the stress is high and the deadlines are crushing in, it can be difficult to know how to pray for Winter Camp.

Here in Southern California with our droughts and mild weather, it’s not always a guarantee that there will be snow in the mountains when we get there. So as camp gets closer, students and leaders begin to murmur and whisper their hopes that there will be white stuff, even just a little, waiting for us in the mountains. Yes, it’s true. We pray for snow!

So we put together this quick guide to help you remember how to pray for Winter Camp by Praying for S-N-O-W.

How To Pray For Your Winter Camp – Pray For:

S – Salvation

The goal of all youth ministry is that your students would hear the gospel and respond. Pray that God would grant you the joy of seeing many (if not all) of your students coming to Christ at Winter Camp and gaining the salvation promised through his sacrifice.

N – Newbies

Every new student who joins your Youth Group, whether during your weekly services or at a special event, is an opportunity God gives to draw them to himself. Pray that your current students would have the courage to ask their friends to camp, and that they would feel welcome and come back.

O – Openness

God’s Spirit is moving within your Youth Group and prodding the kids (and you) to follow his leading. Pray that everyone at camp would become radically open to the Spirit’s promptings to seek forgiveness, offer forgiveness, love one another more deeply, and care for each other’s needs.

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W – Worship

The mountains are a great place for your students to praise God as a group or get alone with him and recognize his greatness. Pray that your students would acknowledge God’s worth by worshipping him with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength, whether during worship time or as they seek him in quiet times.


There’s so much more than SNOW to pray for! What do you pray for as you prepare for Winter Camp? Share it with us in the comments.


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