Top 3 Disciple Now Outcomes

Want your community to recognize the kids in your church as thoughtful, generous, and inspiring? Want your seniors and parents to participate in leading the youth? Want to see your students leading lives that reflect well on Jesus’ name? These top 3 Disciple Now outcomes will breath new life into your youth ministry and your church as a whole.

Disciple Now (DNow) is an incredible weekend event/retreat that engages your whole church in the effort to raise up your youth into young adults who are passionate about following Christ. But it’s not like any old youth group getaway. DNow creates opportunities and outcomes you may have thought impossible.

Top 3 Disciple Now Outcomes

Transformed Teens

Let’s be honest—the teen years are the years when we transform the most naturally. But the danger today is that teens may transform more toward a world that is out to get them and pull them away from the faith of their parents and their church. Your DNow weekend retreat is made to strike at the heart of your youth and point them toward a lifelong love of God and for His Word.

Romans 12:2 says: Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

When your teens learn to sit at Jesus’ feet and devote their hearts to letting Him lead their lives, they will be transformed indeed.


Inter-Generational Impact

One of the most important outcomes of a DNow weekend is the impact it will have, not just on your teens, but on the adults and seniors in your church as well. Disciple Now curricula (and of course the Bible) encourages you to engage your whole church in the process of discipling your teens.

There will be sessions with your pastors and elders teaching the students how to read their Bibles and spend quality time with the Lord. Some sessions take place in the homes of some of your elderly church members who have a lifetime of experience following Jesus.

The best part of all this cross-generational contact is that everyone who participates will understand the value of the others and your church will become a stronger, more knit-together community of Christ-followers.


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Community Connection

A core component of DNow is the service project. You’ll send your youth out into the community to perform services that will surprise and delight your neighbors.

Think of the questions that will come up when people in your community see a gang of kids, not causing trouble or building up walls against the adults in their lives, but rather giving of their time to make their own community better. Many times community members will say that they never expected youth to be so kind and generous.

This is also an opportunity to get the word out about your church within your town. You’d be surprised how many people don’t even know your church exists (nevermind that they drive past it every day on their way to work). Your DNow service projects will show the people in your community that there is a church that cares about them and wants them to experience God’s grace and mercy every day.


In our list of the top 3 disciple now outcomes, did we miss one? Share with us how your church is impacting your youth and community in the comments section below.


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