Top 5 Winter Camp Games

You’ve packed the vans full of sleeping bags, sleds, and tire chains. You got more than your share of college ministry buddies to take off work and act as chaperones for the week. The cabins are reserved, the message notes are printed, and sign-ups went better than expected. And you’ve got the most important component of the youth group winter camp machine paper clipped together in your hot little hands – the hold-harmless release forms.


That’s because you’ve got planned some of the rowdiest, coldest, most snow-tacular games ever thought up for the kids in your church. So to help you fill in the gaps, we’ve collected the Top 5 Winter Camp Games for church youth groups.


Broom Ball

If you’re looking for a way to give your hold-harmless forms a purpose in life, send all your kids into the local ice rink, arm them with sticks, and blow a whistle. Broom Ball brings together all the fun and familiarity of soccer with the unpredictability and downright danger of playing anything on ice. Did we mention you won’t need skates? Just street shoes will do. Helmets are recommended. It’s a ton of slippery fun for your whole youth group.


Custom Sled Race

Racers at your mark! Collect a bunch of big cardboard boxes from the local furniture or DIY store. Arm student teams with duct tape and zip-ties and have them build their own custom bobsleds for the world championship downhill race. Score the Custom Sled Race based on speed to the bottom of the hill, distance, and highest number of students able to pile into the vehicle and still have it slide to the finish line. Ramp up the fun and creativity with paint and flags to create the most colorful race ever.


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Snow Marble Race

There’s nothing quite as exciting to teens as cheering for inanimate objects. Okay, maybe there is, but you’re about to notch their excitement level all the way up with the wildly engaging and team building Snow Marble Race. Have your staff carve out a winding and weaving channel in the snow about three marbles wide. Then assign team names to various marble colors. They’ll cheer their teams on all the way down pushing and slipping as they try to see who’s winning. Encourage your staff to get creative with bridges, tunnels, side trails, and jumps. Make sure the route is long -really long, like 50 yards if you’ve got the space. And make sure they test it first. It’ll be really lame if all the marbles get hung up early.


Summer Snow Sculpture

Do you want to build a snow man? Test your students’ creative skills with a snow sculpture contest that’s all summer themed. They have to create the most  warm weather sculptures they can think of. Cactus, crabs, surfboards, water skiers and boats. Extra points for sculptures that are so hot they should be melting.


Snowball Towers

Reach for the skies with a competition that challenges your students to build the tallest and most secure tower of snowballs ever built. Kids will put their engineering skills to work by creating pyramids, tripods, and icy skyscrapers like you’ve never seen. You can give them a time limit to see how high they can get in the time provided, or set a specific height they have to reach and time to find the fastest builders. Either way, your teams will have a ton of icy cold snowbal fun like never before.


Does your youth group have a favorite Winter Camp Game you think we should know about? Tell us in the comments below and we may add it to the list! 


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