5 Ways to use T-Shirts at Church Events

1. Sign up, Get a Free T-Shirt(while they last!) If you have an event coming up, include a FREE T-Shirt when people sign up!  This way the people most excited about the event will be wearing the Shirts and promoting the event.  And everyone else will be encouraged sign up sooner in order to get a shirt before they are gone. Running out of T-Shirts is the best thing that can happen!

2. Incorporate your Theme into the event promotion  flyers, banners, website, and T-Shirts should all have the same “Branding” to promote the event. I’ll be writing more on branding later.

3. Use the T-Shirts as prizes.  Everyone loves a T-Shirt why not give them something that they will like, something they will use, and something that will promote an upcoming event.

4.  Print a “teaser” design to get a buzz going about an upcoming event.  Give the shirts out to a few key people who know how to explain and promote an event.  A simple shirt that says “Are you Going” can be very efective.

5. Promote all year Long  If people like a shirt they will wear it for years, this is a great benifet for events that may be annual.  Our Church does a whole church mission trip every year and those shirts become sort of collectors items and I see people wearing the shirts all over town. They promote the event all year long!

The down side is that you will need to order your shirts early to use your shirts in the most effective ways and sometimes we all get busy.  But all you need to do is mention the upcoming events to us and we can do much of the hard work for you ahead of time.