#1 T-Shirt Mistake to Avoid

This is the #1 T-Shirt ordering mistake to avoid!

If I can save one person from this mistake, then I have done my work here.

Many times people order exactly the number of T-Shirts they think they will need, not considering unexpected people to show up, or sign up at the last moment.

There are times when this is fine.  If your ordering shirts for the 12 people in your bible study that works just fine, order exactly what you need.  You know exactly how many people are in your study so that makes it simple.   But so often people guess on how many people are coming to an event and they don’t order enough.

Then we get the panic call, I need 6 more shirts!!! …and that is where the trouble begins.

Here is why…

It costs about $100.00 in Labor to set up the press for an average order.
That’s only about 75¢ per shirt when you are printing 150 shirts, but its over $16.00 per shirt when we are printing just 6 shirts! So your $5.00 shirt just went to $21.00! That’s a budget buster!!!  To make matters worse we still need at least a few days to make the shirts and get them to you!

The moral of the story is this….. Make sure you order a few extra shirts …. Just to be safe.   As and added bonus:  You’ll be the hero when someone shows up unexpectedly and you have a shirt for them too!