Thanks for sticking with us. Your ministry is why we’re in business. So please accept a gift for you and a gift you can give away.

For You

This discount is for you! Save the “YOU” code above in a safe place and drop it when you place your next order.


If there’s some other way we can serve you–custom designs, other garment ideas, prayer– please let us know. Our ministry is serving your ministry.

To Share

You’re a giver. Why not share the “GIVE” code above with another friend in ministry? This one-time discount applies to orders placed by your friends, so be generous and share the code!


Pro-Tip: We want to be your church’s 1st choice for t-shirts, so make sure to share the code with every department to maximize the gift.

Discounts do not apply to current orders already in process. “GIVE” code is intended to introduce new people to Ministry Gear. It can be used only one time per entity or church department. Restrictions apply.