Logistics Lead

Logistics Lead, Full Time Position

This position is all about getting the little things done in the background that make for smooth transactions for our customers.  Ordering inventory, problem solving, taking payments, helping customers.   Your ability to fit in with our team is a very important aspect of this position. If you are someone who can be relied upon, enjoys going above and beyond to serve others, takes pride in your work, is a quick learner, and is a problem solver -this might be the perfect job for you! It’s about doing all the little things that make a big difference.

Looking for a quick learner who is comfortable with spreadsheets, databases and wordpress.

Tasks Include:
Ordering products
Correcting Errors
Providing product samples
Entering payments
Customer Service
Providing quotes
Setting up online pop-up stores
Sorting and inventory
Preparing shipments

If you have a passion for serving people and love serving ministries this is the place for you!


Our values are more than words, they are ideas we live by. Check our core values to see if this sounds like you!


  1. Connect Personally & Serve Others
    We strive to connect personally at every opportunity and serve everyone to the best of your ability. Be a valuable Team player and have fun.
  2. Be Honest and Humble
    Not giving off a self important attitude, but being honest and willing to share about strengths and weaknesses. Striving to do everything with the highest level of integrity.
  3. See the Big Picture
    Passionate about the “why” of our daily work – This is not just a 9-5 job, this is work we need be excited and proud of.
  4. Pursue Growth and Learning
    A drive to expand both Personally & Professionally allows us to continually serve others better
  5. Leverage Creative Innovation
    Readily creating and embracing innovation.

Email your information to us

  1. Please send your resume
  2. Please write a paragraph describing why you think this would be the right position for you.

Starting at $14.00 per hour / $28,000 annually  + overtime


Apply by Email:

Vince Collyer, General Manager

vince at impactshirts dot com