Your Youth Group Logo Doesn’t Matter

This might surprise you coming from a company that sells logo branded t-shirts, but your youth group logo and brand don’t mean squat. Unless the students in your youth group actually live out the message they’re wearing on their t-shirts, your brand doesn’t matter. We live in a time when branding and marketing competes for attention on an unprecedented scale. It is believed that a person is exposed to an average of 5,000 or more advertisements and brands per day! You see 5,000 logos & brands per day. So not only is your church competing against a sinful world and the enemy’s schemes for the attention of our kids, you’re also competing against an ever-expanding starfield of marketing chaos. And let’s be honest. Each one of them has a bigger budget… Read more »

Youth Group T-Shirts!

Youth Group T-shirts is ready to go.  We've undergone some major changes over the last 6 months and it's finally time to make our big reveal! Our team has been hard at work re-imagining our brand and web experience to make Youth Group T-Shirts more awesome than ever before! After joining forces with and, we've had the opportunity to expand our resources and rebuild our business from the ground up. Here's what that means for you: Greater service Lower prices Faster turnarounds More awesome designs A solid future So go ahead and browse through some of our new design templates and be sure to drop us a line if there is any way we can serve you or your ministry. You can use our contact form, or give us a… Read more »

Attention Youth Ministry Bloggers!

Youth Ministry Bloggers: We're looking for some talented ministry-minded youth ministry workers and volunteers who happen to be bloggers as well! Do you know any? Are you one yourself? A great deal of changes are happening behind the scenes with some exciting initiatives that will benefit churches and groups all over the country. We're seeking bloggers who understand the digital world of social media/blogging and have a heart for ministry. We'll be looking to partner with these ministry bloggers in a way that will benefit everyone. If you or someone you know is a youth ministry blogger, please fill out the contact form below so we can connect with you! We'll tell you what we've got planned and how you can partner with us… Read more »