How to make a cool t-shirt out of your drawing.

Don’t throw away that logo you so passionately drew on a paper towel thinking it will never see the light of day.  A ministry gear designer can save the day by bringing your drawing to life.

We Will Make Something Out Of Your Drawing

One of the questions we usually get when somebody call us is this: “Would you be able to help me with my logo design? – To which our answer is YES! Followed by the question, “But I drew it on a napkin or a piece of paper, is that ok? – To that, we say, “Absolutely!”

We know how to make a cool t-shirt out of your drawing. We consider it our passion to bring  “life” to your ideas by helping you see your napkin sketches and drawings on a digital landscape. Our creative team can convert your napkin art into its digital version. Our goal is to come up a t-shirt design that best represents your group, theme or message. See? Saving that “scratch paper” is not so bad after all.

We Will Take Your Drawing To The Next Level

While some customers find it easy to picture their design ideas on a shirt without having to see it live, we still want to offer you a preview of the whole thing by creating a mock-up. This would give you a much better picture of how your shirts would turn out upon printing. We do this by sending something like the image above which contains your design and the color of the shirt you selected.

We Will Walk You Through The Steps

Good news! We will not only show you how it looks like when printed on a shirt, we would also walk you through the steps in getting your shirts printed. Our customer service is available anytime you need help in uploading your design. As we work with you in making your artwork come alive, we can also provide other shirt options that would also work best for you and your church. We can suggest shirt colors, inks and different design elements that you can add. We also give tips on how to save. Aside from providing you the best shirts, we want to make this experience as fun and memorable for you as possible.

We Will Help You Turn Your Napkin Sketch into A Work of Art

Serving your ministry is Ministry Gear’s ministry. It is our pleasure to make your creations look more alive with our God given artistic talents and the use of some fancy graphic software. Our passion is to help you turn your idea-on-a napkin to a work of art that you would be proud of wearing! And did we mention that we do this for free?

Don’t toss that drawing into the trash, instead, say to it: “Let there be life…. And there’s MinistryGear.”