25 Volunteer Gift Ideas

A little cheesy, a little fun…  Enjoy!

1.        A watch- thanks for investing your time in Children’s Ministry
2.        A Mug-   May your cup overflow with Blessings
3.        A candle- thanks for sharing the Light of the World
4.        A Pack of Seeds- thanks for Sowing for Souls!
5.        An Orange- “Orange” you glad you shared Jesus today!
6.        Mints- You’re worth a Mint to Jesus and More!
7.        Life Savers- Children’s Ministry Worker’s are a Life Saver
8.        A flashlight- thanks for sharing the Light of the World
9.        a keychain- Thanks for being a key player on our team
10.        Sun glasses- thanks for letting your light shine!
11.        Bottle of water- thanks for sharing the Living Water with our kids
12.        nuts- Jesus is nuts about you, and so am I
13.        Bits and Bites- thanks for doing your bit
14.        Cheezies- Just a Cheezie way to say thanks!
15.        Notebook- Just a Note of Thanks!
16.        Pay Day chocolate bar- “One day your payment will be paid in full”
17.        Pack of Gum- Thanks for sticking with it!
18.        a flower- God’s love blooms over and around you!
19.        whoopers- You’re doing a Whooper of a Great Job!
20.        bath salts- You are the Salt of the Earth
21.        Sweet heart candy- Thanks for being such a sweetheart!
22.        garden/work gloves- thanks for all your hard work
23.        fishing lures- thanks for casting the vision
24.        book lamp- Thanks for sharing the Light of His Word
25.        “Wonka” candies- Just Wonka say thanks!