Meet the Team

Vince Collyer

Art Director

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Why I’m At MinistryGear: There’s a long list of reasons why I love working at MinistryGear, but by far the biggest one is making someone’s day. Whether that is getting their shirts to them a few days earlier than expected, or taking their idea and creating a design that they’re proud to wear, it means the world to me when they have a great experience at MinistryGear.


What Makes Me Grin: My faith, family, and friends give me the most happiness. In a more specific light, I’m a sucker for a clean and crisp font or logo!


What Gets Under My Skin: Terrible customer service makes me the most frustrated! I strive to treat everyone the same way I would like to be treated.


Where I Came From: Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, California, I’m a unique blend of Filipino, Irish, Spanish, and Chinese.


Ask Me About: When I’m not wielding the pen tool in Adobe® Illustrator®, I coach High School Basketball at my Alma Mater, St. Genevieve High School in Panorama City. I enjoy almost every type of music, as long as I can bob my head to it. I’m a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan by day, and a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan by night.

Karen Kick

Customer Service

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Why I’m At MinistryGear: I love the people that work here. Each one loves the Lord and the work ethic is awesome. Of course they are all youngsters compared to me. They never cease to amaze me at their speed in looking up things on the web. Also I love our beautiful customers. Their excited about their new shirts and the event where they’ll be wearing them. I get to share in a little bit of their loves and ministries.


What Makes Me Grin: My husband of 49 years and our children and grandchildren mostly. I also come from a large family and enjoy getting together them and my cousins. We spend a lot of time laughing and sharing memories. A sunny day and a green freshly mowed lawn also make me happy.


What Gets Under My Skin: My green lawn is no longer green because of the drought and mowing it just makes dust that gets everywhere. That makes me sad.


Where I Came From: Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Still live and work here. I am easy to track on ancestry. Schooled as a dental assistant. When I became a mother, I was a homemaker while the kids were at home. Then they got older, I worked with my husband, in the office, at our Automotive repair shop, and now work for my son.


Ask Me About: I love scrapbooking and have 7 beautiful grandchildren that bless my pages with smiles and memories. My guilty pleasure is chocolate.

Josh Zerhusen

Customer Service Designer


Why I’m At MinistryGear: I love working for a company that really cares about its customers, and allows its employees to expand their skills in new and creative ways.


What Makes Me Grin: I mentor a group of High School students and I love watching them learn about who God is and what having a relationship with him looks like. We have a lot of fun together but the best moments are when they learn something new about how much God loves them.


What Gets Under My Skin: As a follower of Christ I think the most frustrating/ saddest thing is watching people you care about turn away from the truth. I find a lot of hope in the fact that God promises to finish the good work that has been started in us. Philippians 1:6


Where I Came From: I worked as a Team Leader at an after school club for 6 years while finishing my General Ed and Art Degrees, I love using design to help improve an organizations advertising and image to help communicate what they are all about. If you have a great message or event why not make it look great as well.


Ask Me About: Sushi. Hot Cheetos. Movies. Photography.

Jay Carrier

Customer Service Designer

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Why I’m At MinistryGear: I love getting to design, help people, and work in the T-shirt world, everyday! (I also love having a small basketball hoop in the office;)!


What Makes Me Grin: Jesus. My Wife. My Brother’s. Nature. Cabins. Photo’s. Good branding. And a good cup of coffee.


What Gets Under My Skin: Cold hands. Cold feet. Just being cold, period. Bullying. Fear. Depression. Perfectionism, procrastination, and paralysis by analysis.


Where I Came From: Born and raised in a small paper mill town in the wooded foothills of western Maine’s mountains.


Ask Me About: Photography. Coffee. Camping. The Great Outdoors. Watching a good movie. Lookin’ through photo’s in Dwell or Sunset Magazines. Pinterest. Church/Worship. The Gym. March Madness. The Patriots.

Tiffany Shin

Customer Service Designer

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Why I’m At MinistryGear: I love the serving aspect most about Ministry Gear. I think it’s one of my so-called love languages because it feels awesome to help out even when not asked. I also love that it feels like a second family away from home working with everyone at Ministry Gear.


What Makes Me Grin: Dark chocolate will always makes me happy, haha.


What Gets Under My Skin: TRAFFIC!! But on a more serious note, I’d say I’m frustrated with the amount of abandonment. Especially with animals and the homeless. (My pastor once shared a story of a homeless guy near our church. Long story short, the guy wanted to return to his homeland and kept his dad’s cell phone number. My pastor called and it says the number was changed, implying the dad never bothered to let his own son know.)


Where I Came From: Born and raised in Westminster, Colorado. Family from both divisions of Korea. Originally wanted to become a vet and then realized I didn’t have the stomach for surgeries. So did a complete 180 and got a bachelor’s in art and design instead!


Ask Me About: ALL THE GAMES! Whether it be cards, boards, and video games. Mostly video games. XD Drawing, crafting, and origami/papercraft are fun pass times as well. Also love playing the piano and jamming out with my praise team!

Freddy Martin

Marketing Director

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Why I’m At MinistryGear: First, I come from a long line of storytellers. Second, I’m good at getting the word out about awesome stuff. Put that together and I’m here to tell the story of the awesome stuff MinistryGear does… great design for great ministries!


What Makes Me Grin: Amazing Grace and Mercy. Perfect wife. Talented kids. Huge family. Supportive friends. Great music. Amazing stories. Mid-century cool. Disneyland.


What Gets Under My Skin: I’ve never understood a lack of mercy for the mistakes of others. If I drop the ball, I expect the consequences, but hope for forgiveness. When I encounter folks who don’t automatically give others the benefit of the doubt… I honk loudly at them.


Where I Came From: Childhood in Southern California. High School and College in Oregon. I’ve spent time in entertainment, advertising, and communications, but a huge chunk of my career was in marketing at Children’s Hunger Fund. Serving ministries and the church is my DNA.


Ask Me About: World travel, fundraising, father/child campouts, U2, early Christian alt-rock, Disneyland, finishing college as an adult, making old men cry.

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Andy Hsiau

Customer Service Designer

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Why I’m At MinistryGear: I love the Team atmosphere, The Challenge of being creative and realizing the vision of our customers. Working at Impact shirts allows me to serve those who serve others.


What Makes Me Grin: I’m happy when I’m with my friends and family. I enjoy spending time and relaxing with my wife. I’m happy when I see my friends and family experience freedom and joy in their life.


What Gets Under My Skin: I’m sad when others are struggling and experiencing low times in their life.


Where I Came From: I came to the US when I was 5 years old from Taiwan. I have a background in fine arts and illustration.


Ask Me About: Basketball. The Lakers. Strictly nerdy things like Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, Tabletop Models, and Lord of the Rings. Anime.

Don Kick


[email protected]


Why I’m At MinistryGear: My friend and I started MinistryGear in 1993 to serve pastors and their ministries.  I am passionate about using my gifts to serve the church and get excited at the prospect of being able to assist these front line workers who are spreading the love of Jesus.


What Makes Me Grin: My wife and kids, meaningful conversation, great friends, freedom, surfing with my family, craftsman architecture, underdog victories, and the fun group of amazing people I get to work with here.


What Gets Under My Skin: Mean people, Dishonesty, Short Sightedness.  Poor customer service really drives me crazy, serving others can bring so much joy, yet it’s often not valued.


Where I Came From: I was born and raised in Southern California and I still live within 7 miles of where I grew up.  I love to create and build things and have started 10 businesses since I was 13 years old.


Ask Me About: How the surf was today, or anything to do with Craftsman architecture and furniture.