Affordable Christian T-Shirts

In my opinion, Christian T-Shirts should be as inexpensive as possible, in order to appeal to the greatest number of people, and make the biggest impact. Plenty of people could spread the Word through fashion, if only the clothes were affordable enough for everyone. I myself work hard for my money and live on a strict budget, so my appreciation for affordable Christian Gear is deep. If you love Christian T-Shirts but don't have a luxurious lifestyle, don't worry. Now there is Ministrygear, that offers the best in modern, hip Christian T-Shirts at affordable prices. You'll never look like you got your clothes at a discount when you go with the best vendor for Christian Ministry T-Shirts. Here's my favorite question for which I still have no answer: if… Read more »

5 Ways to use T-Shirts at Church Events

1. Sign up, Get a Free T-Shirt(while they last!) If you have an event coming up, include a FREE T-Shirt when people sign up!  This way the people most excited about the event will be wearing the Shirts and promoting the event.  And everyone else will be encouraged sign up sooner in order to get a shirt before they are gone. Running out of T-Shirts is the best thing that can happen! 2. Incorporate your Theme into the event promotion  flyers, banners, website, and T-Shirts should all have the same "Branding" to promote the event. I'll be writing more on branding later. 3. Use the T-Shirts as prizes.  Everyone loves a T-Shirt why not give them something that they will like, something they will use, and something that will promote an… Read more »

#1 T-Shirt Mistake to Avoid

This is the #1 T-Shirt ordering mistake to avoid! If I can save one person from this mistake, then I have done my work here. Many times people order exactly the number of T-Shirts they think they will need, not considering unexpected people to show up, or sign up at the last moment. There are times when this is fine.  If your ordering shirts for the 12 people in your bible study that works just fine, order exactly what you need.  You know exactly how many people are in your study so that makes it simple.   But so often people guess on how many people are coming to an event and they don't order enough. Then we get the panic call, I need 6 more shirts!!! ...and that… Read more »

Tie-dyed tshirts make for a great craft!

  Stacey from Maryland let the kids at VBS tye dye their VBS shirts as a craft this year. She saved money by printing simple, white, shirts, and then created a fun craft for the kids by having them all dye the shirts themselves... "We loved the t-shirts and got lots of compliments. Just wanted to show you what they look like after we tie dyed."  Well Done Stacey!!!   Our favorite look is a white and black print on a white shirt, then when the shirts are tie-dyed the white ink does not take the tie dye and really pops next to the black ink. Read more »