Serve Day T-Shirts tell the community that your church is here to serve.

Serve Day: Impact Your Church and Community

Pastor Brian Morehead has a lot on his plate. He’s not exactly dwelling deeply on his serve day t-shirt order. Serving as Pastor of Global Ministries at The Church at Rocky Peak in Chatsworth, California, Brian is pulled in many directions--each with ever-increasing urgency and significance for the people the church aspires to serve. Pastor Brian moves from one ministry opportunity to another several times each day. At one moment he’s ordering lumber and collecting volunteers to build a house in the church parking lot. It will then be transported and assembled for a needy family in Mexico. At another moment he’s skyping with partners in Liberia brokering an opportunity for partnership between a church network and Children’s Hunger Fund. He’s prepping for a mission trip to Ethiopia to preach… Read more »

What Type of Youth Pastor Are You?

Whether your time in youth group was the spiritual high point of your life, a wild time of fun and games, or painful extension of the socially awkward life you were already living in Jr. High and High School, the one constant was the youth pastor. But like zebras and fingerprints, no two youth pastors are alike. We get a kick out of the post-homeschool comedy of Blimey Cow. Every once in a while, we find one that truly hits the target. Check out this ridiculous and sometimes uncomfortably accurate take on the different types of youth pastors you might encounter (or be) at your church. If that strikes close to home, check out Chris Parker's article "What Kind Of Youth Pastor Do You Think You Are?"… Read more »

The Incarnation – God Dressed in Human Flesh

When Jesus was born, it was more than just a miracle, a cute baby, and an unusual location. Jesus' birth, the incarnation, was a fashion statement that displayed the zenith of God's power, love, and grace for all mankind. God dressed in human flesh and humanity would never be the same. The last shirt you bought said something about you. Maybe you wanted to display your professionalism, so you bought a business blouse or dress shirt. Perhaps you wanted to showcase your wacky side with a bold and funny statement t-shirt. Or maybe you got invited to an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party and your only goal was to buy a sweater just a little wilder and uglier than your best friend’s. Shirts Don’t Last Shirts wear out. Trends fade… Read more »

Your Youth Group Logo or Brand Doesn’t Matter

This might surprise you coming from a company that sells logo branded t-shirts, but your youth group logo and brand don’t mean squat. Unless the students in your youth group actually live out the message they’re wearing on their t-shirts, your brand doesn’t matter. We live in a time when branding and marketing competes for attention on an unprecedented scale. It is believed that a person is exposed to an average of 5,000 or more advertisements and brands per day! You see 5,000 logos & brands per day. So not only is your church competing against a sinful world and the enemy’s schemes for the attention of our kids, you’re also competing against an ever-expanding starfield of marketing chaos. And let’s be honest. Each one of them has a bigger budget… Read more »

Great Job!

The logo on the Australia ½ zips is fantastic!  Great job! And thank you for pushing those through so quickly for the kids!  They’re all wearing them today. Brenda Read more »

How to Order T-Shirts

Ordering t-shirts and estimating t-shirt quantities can be scary. Especially scary if this is the first time you have ever ordered custom shirts. With a little time we can show you how to order t-shirts and eliminate the stress. It would be great if you knew ahead of time exactly how many shirts and what sizes before your event, camp, or retreat; however, this is the real world and usually we don't have any of that information beforehand. How to order custom t-shirt sizes and quantities: Estimate the total number of shirts you will need.  Do you need 45 shirts or 450 shirts?  You may already know exactly how many shirts you need or you may need to guess.  Lets say you decide on 46 t-shirts.  That's… Read more »

Awesome Spring Themes for your Women’s Ministry Events

Spring is here! We all love the nice weather, the blooming flowers and green mountains that this season brings. It’s such a wonderful time to appreciate God’s creation when we see everything so lively and colorful. And because we are in the business of serving your ministry through creativity, we want to help you create spring-themed women's ministry events. Check out these 6 awesome S-P-R-I-N-G themes that we hope will help make your job a little easier. S-eed of Contentment The best season to grow a garden is also a great time to talk about the “seed of contentment.” How do we plant contentment in our hearts? How do we cultivate our heart for that “seed” to grow? These are the questions that you will answer in… Read more »

How to make a cool t-shirt out of your drawing.

Don't throw away that logo you so passionately drew on a paper towel thinking it will never see the light of day.  A ministry gear designer can save the day by bringing your drawing to life. We Will Make Something Out Of Your Drawing One of the questions we usually get when somebody call us is this: "Would you be able to help me with my logo design? - To which our answer is YES! Followed by the question, "But I drew it on a napkin or a piece of paper, is that ok? - To that, we say, "Absolutely!" We know how to make a cool t-shirt out of your drawing. We consider it our passion to bring  “life” to your ideas by helping you see your napkin sketches… Read more »

How To Tie Dye Your Own Shirt

In continuing our efforts to keep you updated on ways to improvise your shirts –and make fun craft activities, and save up – while you’re at it at it, we are sharing with you how tie dyed shirts make a stylish craft.  Here at MinistryGear "research and development" department, we created some tye-die shirts and wanted to show you step-by-step how to create these yourself. Does this work as a group activity? Last summer we received a call from Stacey of Christ Evangelical Lutheran church, asking us to print simple white shirts for her group. She shared her amazing idea of how to tie-dye the t-shirts. We couldn’t have been more excited for them as we imagine how fun and exciting it must be to design a shirt and yet wait… Read more »

The colors you see, may not be accurate.

The Dress The “dress” that launched a thousand views and created the rising social debate about its real color has not escaped our attention. And like everyone; we looked, we judged, and we chuckled to ourselves...  Some of us see white and gold and others see blue and black.  This is so interesting to us at Ministry Gear because all day long we are presenting colors to you, and we do everything we can to make sure you see the same color that we do.  As this dress demonstrates that is not as simple as it sounds. The Truth The truth of the matter is, seeing isn’t always believing when it comes to colors, and why we see what we want to see. Just like the colors in that dress… Read more »